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The embedded video clips and links on this website are provided as a free service. None of the clips actually reside on this website - most are on YouTube. These clips have been selected because they illustrate various aspects of swimming strokes that are taught in Breakwater Sports programs. See the video clips disclaimer.

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All-Around Good Swimming

These are from various sources - but they contain examples of great swimming technique. See the notes for a description of what I especially like about each clip.


What to you do with your hands and arms.


Learning backstroke will make you a better freestyler.


A critical skill for those lacking gills.

Cold Water If you will be swimming in cold open water, see the Cold Water Boot Camp video on this page. Just knowing how the human body reacts to cold water can get you through your first cold water swim (the initial shock and gasping response does not last long).

If you are a triathlete, eventually you have to get out of the water and do this, so you might as well do it right...

Flip Turns

You only need to do these if you will be racing in a pool (or if you want to look like you are). And then you need to do them right. There is no point in doing sloppy, slow flip turns. Triathletes and open water swimmers are generally better off using Open Turns (see below).


Body rotation and hip-driven freestyle.


A common misconception is that triathletes don't need to kick. They do.

Natalie Coughlin

Regarding freestyle technique, I think she is the best swimmer I have seen on video. And she always has good advice.

Open Turns

This is the preferred turning technique for pool practice, unless you are also racing in the pool, in which case, see Flip Turns, above.

Open Water

Some general tips for open water - there is some overlap with the Sighting and Triathlon Tips pages.


NOT water running. The other kind that triathletes are forced to do after the bike leg.


Practicing sculling on a regular basis can build awareness in your hands, teaching them how to find the best way to hold water.


For open water, this is the most important skill to master.

Triathlon Humor

Always keep smiling - it relaxes you and keeps you loose!

Triathlon Tips

Assorted triathlon tips from Dave Scott and others.

Underwater Some drills are done underwater and the focus may be the catch, kicking, posture, or whatever...

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