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This page contains links to workouts and related information.

If you are new to this program, see the following:

Pool Swim Workouts with Coach Bill
7:30-9:00* PM Wednesday Evenings at Zesiger Pool
*but always check the triathlon club calendar - sometimes there are special events that take precedence at the pool...

Check the triathlon club calendar for additional open water or pool workouts.

DateWorkout Focus Notes - Main set may have two options
21-Feb-2018High Elbow Catch and PullFocus on early vertical forearm catch and pull.
28-Feb-2018Threshold 200sConditioning: Learn to swim at your threshold (CSS) pace. This will help you to swim at your optimal pace on race day, and it will improve your threshold pace.


Conditioning PyramidThreshold pace pyramid for smoother swimmers, endurance pace pyramid for newer swimmers.
14-Mar-2018Kicking Technique & ConditioningYou don't have to kick very hard during the swim leg of a triathlon, but it's important to kick right.

Do you have a workout focus that has worked for you? Send Coach Bill a note and let him know about it. Thanks!

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