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This page contains links to workouts and related information.

If you are new to this program, see the following:

Summer Pool Swim Workouts with Coach Bill
7:30-9:00 PM Wednesday Evenings at Z Cebter Pool
*but always check the triathlon club calendar - sometimes there are special events that take precedence at the pool...

Check the triathlon club calendar for additional workouts.

Generally speaking, main set focus will be:

  • Technique for slower swimmers
  • Intervals for faster swimmers
DateWorkout Focus Notes - Main set may have two options
22 Aug 2018Extend & Catch

Focus on the arm stroke

29 Aug 2018Breathing & RhythmTry different breathing patterns and improve breathing mechanics
05 Sep 2018Catch & PullFocus on arm stroke mechanics
12 Sep 2018Kicking FocusKicking strength; newer swimmers learn 2-beat vs 6-beat kick
19 Sep 2018EndurancePractice maintaining threshold pace at increading distances

Do you have a workout focus that has worked for you? Send Coach Bill a note and let him know about it.

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