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This page contains links to workouts and related information. Each workout is based on a theme that is introduced at a weekly group workout. If you are swimming three times a week, try to make the group workout that introduces the weekly theme, and then perform two additional workouts as your schedule allows. To perform a recovery workout based on the weekly theme, perform all drill sets and either reduce the swim set distances by 50% or perform the swim sets at the EN1 pace (long slow distance pace). To perform a key workout based on the weekly theme, reduce the number of drill repeats by 50% and increase the swim set pace.

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2017 - Spring/Summer Swim Workouts with Coach Bill
7:00-8:30* PM Thursday Evenings at Alumni Pool
*but always check the triathlon club calendar - sometimes there are special events that take precedence at the pool...

Check the triathlon club calendar for additional open water or pool workouts.

DateWorkout Notes
06-July-2017Posture or PyramidSlower swimmers will focus on posture. Faster swimmers will do a conditioning pyramid.
13-July-2017Kick, Catch & ConditioningTechnique work plus conditioning.
20-July-2017Arm Stroke FocusDrills & conditioning with focus on arms
27-July-2017Balance Shift Catch & PullFocus on signaling start of catch and pull with balance shift
03-Aug-2017Breathing & RhythmFocus on breathing without disrupting your stroke rhythm

Do you have a workout focus that has worked for you? Send Coach Bill a note and let him know about it. Thanks!

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